Australian Comedian Adam Hills To Witness The Coronation

It’s a big weekend for royalists around the world, with the coronation of King Charles III to take place in London. 

On Saturday, May 6, Britain’s King Charles III will be crowned, eight months after he ascended to the throne. It has been 70 years since the last coronation – that of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.  

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More than 2,000 guests are invited, including our PM Anthony Albanese. He’s taking around 20 upstanding Australians, including comedian Adam Hills

On today’s Briefing, Hills shares how it feels to be chosen to witness the coronation and what is expected to happen. 

Hills said he felt more of a privilege than responsibility when invited to the coronation. 

The Governor-General gave a lovely speech where he said all of Australia will be watching the coronation through your eyes…It was such a beautiful moment,”

Hills said.

Hills has been living in the UK for a while now; when describing the atmosphere in London, he says, “It feels a bit like the lead-up to the Olympics in 2012”. 

I think it’s going to be enormous. You know what the Brits are like. They don’t like to get too excited about stuff like that and cheer on the dates,”

he said.

The coronation will see the 74-year-old crowned with a solid gold crown made in 1661 in front of 2,200 invited guests from across the political, royal and celebrity worlds. 

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He says discussions around the coronation this year are different from the event in 1953.  

A cab driver told me on the way to the function today, in 1953, people were saying, we don’t need the coronation. It’s just after the war. We need to save money,”

he added.

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