Alice Springs Imposes Curfew After Violent Incidents

Alice Springs residents will face another curfew following a series of violent incidents.

Northern Territory police have issued a three-night public social disorder declaration for parts of the city from 10pm to 6am, starting Monday.

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Chief Minister Eva Lawler described the curfew as a “pressure-relief valve” to enhance community safety. 

“I love Alice Springs, but the offending and behaviour we have seen over the last 96 hours will not be tolerated,” Lawler told reporters. 

“The curfew will provide police extra powers to get on top of the situation.”

Early on Sunday morning, a group of 20 males, including some youths, allegedly surrounded and violently assaulted four off-duty police officers, robbing two of them before fleeing the scene.

Two of the officers, both women, were hospitalised with minor injuries. One was punched in the face and kicked multiple times, while the other was dragged to the ground by the attackers.

Commissioner Michael Murphy said the weekend’s spate of crimes necessitated the curfew. 

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“The intent of this declaration is to disrupt the behaviours associated with the harm we’re seeing in Alice Springs,” he said. 

“It applies to all classes of people – it will apply to adults and it will apply to youths.”

The curfew will cover the town centre, including areas between Anzac Hill, Alice Springs Hospital, the Stuart Highway, and Leichhardt Terrace along the Todd River. 

Murphy said police could engage anyone entering the zone, requesting them to leave or stay for their safety during disturbances. 

“Anyone coming into the zone can be engaged by police and they can be asked to leave, or alternatively, they can be asked to stay if there’s another disturbance and they need to be contained for their own safety.”

Non-compliance could result in an offence, an infringement notice, or an arrest.

Individuals with legitimate business, such as work, attending events, or seeking medical treatment, will be allowed to enter the curfew zone.

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