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Advice To Delete Social Media Of Children’s Devices To Avoid Viewing Israel Conflict Livestreams

Parents from Jewish schools are urging other parents to temporarily delete social media platforms from their children’s devices to reduce exposure to livestreams of the Israel conflict.

Social media has been flooded of the conflict, but now Hamas terrorists are threatening to livestream the brutal murdering’s of their hostages.

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A spokesperson for the military wing of Hamas said militants would kill one hostage for “every targeting of our people” in Gaza “without warning”.

The warning comes after family members of Hamas victims said they witnessed the murders of their loved ones on Facebook.

Jewish Care Victoria posted instructions online on how parents can have conversations with their children about the war and if they saw any footage online.

“We know it can feel impossible – but we also know that children notice what is happening around them and look to the adults in their lives to help make sense of it and feel safe,” it said.

“Be conscious of where and how children receive information. As much as possible, protect them from distressing images in the news and social media.”

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Advice from an Israel psychologist was circulated to Melbourne parents and students in the Jewish community on Tuesday, however, is relevant to all parents.

“Local psychologists have reached out to us and informed us that the Israeli government is urging parents to tell their children to delete Instagram and Tik Tok immediately,” the message read.

“We strongly advise our students to do the same as soon as possible. Terrorists are expected to release distressing videos of hostages begging for their lives.

“The videos and testimonies we are currently exposed to are bigger and cruller than our souls can contain.”

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