the kid laroi and alix earle

The Kid LAROI Time Travels Back To The Year 2000 With New Music Video

Aussie Kamilaroi performer The Kid LAROI has dropped the eagerly anticipated video for his latest hit ‘GIRLS’ and it has taken us back to a time of MTV, bandannas and a healthy heaping of denim. The video also stars Gen-Z icon Alix Earl and when it comes to the sound of the song itself, we’re getting definite Pharrell Williams vibes.

Check out the video below…

When Fifi, Fev and Nick caught up with the performer not too long ago, they asked him his thoughts on aliens and his ink tribute to them.

“The whole story behind the tattoo, I mean I’m a big believer in aliens… there’s no way we’re alone” he revealed. “…aliens come to earth and they’re like this place sucks but we found something we really like and it’s a chocolate chip cookie”.

Get your hands on ‘GIRLS’ here.

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