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P!nk’s Message To Trolls Wishing Harm On Her Children

P!nk is outspoken on stage and also online. She’s not afraid to shut down bullies on social media – and admits trolls have even threatened her life.

“People used to at least try and hide their crazy. Now it’s like a badge of honour. But you wouldn’t believe the shit that people write to me all day long. Like ‘You’ll be an easy target in a crowd’ type of shit. Wishing harm on my children,” P!nk told Behind the Hits on LiSTNR.

Listen to the full chat below… (**warning coarse language**)

She revealed daughter Willow, about to turn 12, asked her why she took the bait online. “I’d been getting an exorbitant amount of death threats. And I said ‘Well, honey’ – teachable moment maybe, possibly, I said ‘Well, I was born a fighter, I was raised a fighter, but I was born a fighter, it’s in me. So if it’s in you, then you have a responsibility to fight for what you believe in”

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