INXS Day Celebration: Unraveling the Legacy of The Legendary Aussie Band

On August 16th, music enthusiasts around the world come together to celebrate ‘INXS Day,’ marking the formation of a band in 1977 that would ultimately redefine rock music. Hailing from the Land Down Under, INXS is not just an Australian pride but has etched its name globally, with a staggering sale of over 70 million albums worldwide.

The Timeless Appeal of INXS

Decades after their inception, INXS’s music continues to resonate, making them one of Australia’s most iconic bands. What’s even more commendable is that their songs retain a fresh appeal, drawing in new listeners and fans even 11 years after their last live performance. Their tracks, such as “Need You Tonight” and “Never Tear Us Apart,” are not just classics but continue to remain relevant, boasting over half a billion streams on Spotify.

The Band’s Unbreakable Bond

While their music was making waves worldwide, not many are aware of the bond that the band members shared. Behind the fame and the stage lights, the six members of INXS had an unwritten pact – a testament to their camaraderie. They agreed to share their earnings equally among themselves, ensuring that their unity was not just limited to their music but extended to their financial gains as well. Find Out More Here

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Behind the Scenes: Unraveling INXS’s Secrets

INXS’s journey was filled with more than just chart-topping numbers. Did you ever wonder about the whispers surrounding their reality TV show? Or the plans to replace their iconic lead, Michael Hutchence, with a female vocalist? For those who want a deep dive into these intriguing stories and more, “Behind the Hits” is the perfect avenue. Tune in to get a closer look at the secrets and stories that shaped this legendary band.


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