ed sheeran outside of court

Here’s What Ed Sheeran Said After Winning Multi-Million Dollar Copyright Lawsuit

It’s been a tough time for our favourite singer Ed Sheeran. He’s been in court battling out a nasty copyright claim that accuses him of stealing parts of a famous song. Hear what he had to say after winning the case today…

The case has been dragging on for years for poor Ed and he seemed very relieved to have the whole ordeal behind him saying “We’ve spent the last 8 years talking about two songs with dramatically different lyrics, melodies, and four chords which are also different and used by songwriters every day,

We hope Ed can get back to his normal life and happier guy we know. We also look forward to him telling more stories like the time he revealed he sent Justin Bieber a mega-hit… by accident…

Ed Sheeran Drunkenly Sent Justin Bieber A Song By Mistake

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