Triple M’s EXCLUSIVE Foo Fighters ‘But Here We Are’ Listening Event

Picture this: the serene setting of Taronga Zoo in Sydney, where Triple M Club members gathered for an extraordinary event. The anticipation was palpable as they had the rare chance to listen to the highly anticipated Foo Fighters album, ‘But Here We Are’ before its official release. It was an experience like no other, a moment that would forever be etched in their hearts.

Nobody expected it in such a short amount of time. But here we are.

Rick, West Sydney


The album, a testament to the band’s evolution and raw talent, has already left a profound impact on those fortunate enough to have listened to it. One member, Brendan from Pannonia, described it as “amazing” with a “certain kind of rawness” that touched his emotions. The personal and emotive nature of the songs resonated deeply, leaving a lasting impression on every listener.

Dave Grohl’s unmistakable signature style shines through in ‘But Here We Are.’ Brendan notes that the album feels like a Dave album, where his influence can be felt in every aspect, from vocals to guitar to drums. A testament to Dave’s immense talent and his dedication to creating something truly exceptional. The album has an emotional depth that strikes a chord with listeners, evoking powerful feelings and connections. Brendan, who lost his father six months ago, found solace in the music, making it an intensely emotional experience for him.

The sunrise here, everything was kind of culminating with that final song, which was Yeah, pretty amazing. And I actually lost my dad six months ago as well. So it was very emotional listening 

Brendan, Pannonia

Lisa from the Blue Mountains was captivated by the album’s beauty and the meaningful stories behind each song. She praises the collaboration with Dave’s daughter Violet, highlighting it as one of her favorite tracks. Every song on the record carries immense significance, carefully crafted to touch the hearts of listeners and create a lasting impact.

Loved it. Yeah, it’s beautiful. Obviously, an album full of emotion and. And there’s a lot of a lot of meaning behind every single song on the record. And I really liked Violet singing with him as well. That’s one of my favourite songs so far. 

Lisa, Blue Mountains

For John in Sydney, the album resonated on a profound level as he dealt with personal loss. ‘But Here We Are’ provided solace and comfort, speaking directly to his journey of grief. The album’s lyrics stand out, showcasing the band’s ability to tackle sensitive subjects with authenticity and grace. John, like many others, found it challenging to select a single favorite track, as every song on the album stands out as a musical gem.

I thought it was awesome from first to last chord. it’s really hard to pick the singles from it because they were all bangers. Cracking Fooies album. The thing that sets it apart from other albums of the past, it’s just the lyrics. The way it deals with grief is just awesome. I lost both my parents this year and it really spoke to me.

John, Sydney

Imagine the awe-inspiring moment when the sun begins to rise, and the final track reaches its crescendo. Triple M Club members had the privilege of experiencing this breathtaking finale at Taronga Zoo. As they took off their headphones and immersed themselves in the sounds of nature blending with the city waking up, the sensation was indescribable. Ollie from Sydney perfectly captures the atmosphere, describing it as “unreal” and experiencing goosebumps from the sheer beauty of the moment.

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Foo Fighters’ New Album ‘But Here We Are’ is out now

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