What To Expect From The Eras Tour Movie

Were you one of the FOUR MILLION Aussies who tried to get your hands on Taylor Swift tickets?

Yep that a sixth of Australia’s population.

Whether you scored the elusive tix or not, from today we all have a chance to get a front row seat at a much cheaper price, with The Eras Tour Concert Film opening in cinemas today, hooray!

Many devotee Swifties have already travelled to the US to see the show and reveal to our Taylor Swift – Eras podcast exactly what we can expect. Like Vinoj, also known as @Mrperfectlyfine.13 on TikTok, who has approximately 200,000 followers and around 40 million likes on his Tay-Tay-filled socials.

He’s seen Taylor Swift |The Eras Tour and is now documenting the surprise songs she performs at each show on TikTok. Vinoj reveals “I went into Eras tour having seen every single TikTok live from every single show. And I was still amazed. The production is amazing. Taylor’s vocals were insane for a 3 hour show”.

He reckons the show is perfect to enjoy in the concert experience “It feels very personal. Even though there are 70,000 other Swifties in the stadium with you for it is the most fun you will ever have as a Swiftie”.

Taylor Swift – Eras podcast is a must-listen for Swifties. Hear Taylor and her biggest fans tell her story with exclusive, never-before-heard audio. You’ll find out everything you need to know about The Eras Tour show at 40.53 and from Taylor about how she deals with the rumours at 24.36 , check it out below!

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