Moana Hope

Moana Hope Reveals The Pressure She Was Under As A New Mum

In the wake of the shock split of former AFLW star Moana Hope and her model wife Isabella Carlstrom, a recent episode of Dr Golly and The Experts reveals the impact of birth trauma, childhood abuse, postnatal depression and unexpected sickness had on the popular couple.

“I just feel like I didn’t get a break at all. It was just so full on.”

Being a new parent is hard enough without dealing with postpartum depression on top of it. For Moana, it was especially tough, as she struggled with anxiety and the fear of inheriting her father’s anger and abusive tendencies.

Moana’s childhood was filled with physical abuse from her father, and she worried that she would turn into him once she had a child of her own. She didn’t want to be around her kids if she became like her dad, and postpartum depression only made her fears worse.

Moana’s partner, Isabella Carlstrom, tried to help her prepare for postpartum depression before their baby was born, but even then, Moana didn’t think it would affect her. She was wrong. After giving birth, Moana cried for hours and couldn’t shake the feeling of being down and overwhelmed.

The trauma of birth also took a toll on Moana, as she blamed herself for her son’s difficult entry into the world. Reflecting on the difficult start to motherhood Moana says she wouldn’t change a thing, because it gave her their son

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