Journalist Tom Tilley Signs Agreement With LiSTNR To Continue Hosting The Briefing

Tom Tilley, host of the successful daily news podcast The Briefing on LiSTNR, has re-signed a new agreement with SCA.

Tilley is Australia’s leading voice in current affairs for young people, and after a decade of hosting radio, has grown a loyal following of listeners to his new audio on demand offering The Briefing on LiSTNR. The Briefing is consistently among Australia’s Top 20 podcasts with in excess of 145,000 listeners a month* and the podcast reaching 7.5 million downloads* to date.

The Briefing has also recently been announced as a finalist in the upcoming Australian Commercial Radio Awards (Best Original Podcast – Unbranded), and in the upcoming Australian Podcast Awards (Best Current Affairs podcast).

Tilley has hosted The Briefing since its launch in April 2020, successfully tapping into the news that matters to Australia’s under 40s. Tilley worked closely with LiSTNR Head of Content – Original Podcasts, Sam Cavanagh, to develop the concept and record pilot episodes back in 2020.

Launching the podcast during a pandemic, Tilley, and his team of co-hosts, including Annika Smethurst, Jan Fran, Jamila Rizvi, and Katrina Blowers, have provided young Australians with a ‘go to’ reliable source of well researched information on COVID-19.

Commenting on his re-signing with LiSTNR, Tilley said: “I’m loving working with SCA and developing The Briefing from scratch. It’s designed to be the best parts of a newsy breakfast radio show all in 20 minutes. I’m proud of the show and the audience we’ve built so far and really looking forward to growing it even further over the next two years.”

Cavanagh said: “When Tom and I started workshopping ideas for a daily news podcast in January 2020, the world was a far simpler place! Now 18 months on, and The Briefing has become the fastest growing news podcast in Australia. Tom’s ability to balance personality and humour, with his razor-sharp journalistic instincts, are what make The Briefing such an entertaining and informative show.”

During his time hosting The Briefing, Tilley has interviewed Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump, protestors on the streets of the Black Lives Matter protests, Australia’s leading health experts and some of the biggest names in politics including the Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, Malcolm Turnbull, and Julie Bishop.

The Briefing is available daily on the LiSTNR app.

Source: * Australian Podcast Ranker Australian Made Top 100 Podcasts – September 2021