Maggie Dent

Is Being A ‘Good Enough’ Dad Enough? Maggie Dent Explains In Her New Podcast

Dads take centre stage, sharing their wins, challenges and stuff-ups with beloved parenting educator Maggie Dent proving along the way that being “good enough” is exactly what our kids need.

There’s *5.4 million dads in Australia and in LiSTNR’s new original podcast The Good Enough Dad which launches on Wednesday October 11, famed parenting educator, author, and champion of boys and men, Maggie Dent talks to some of them about their wins, challenges and stuff-ups, proving along the way that being “good enough” is exactly what our kids need.

“Aiming to be a GOOD dad is important. But you know what? Being a good ENOUGH Dad is how you nail it,” said Maggie Dent.  

Known around Australia as the “Queen of Common Sense” Maggie shares her characteristic humour and simple strategies with dads from all different walks of life. Dads like Hamish Blake open up about their biggest parenting fears, their major stuff ups, when things have just felt impossible and when they have truly knocked it out of the park.  

Maggie’s greatest passion is supporting boys and men in a world where there is often more information on women and girls. 

Maggie says, “I’ve wanted to do something for dads for a long time. I’ve watched my own sons become fathers, and there is just so little out there aimed at dads. Seeing dads on telly and in ads being the bumbling fool (apart from Bluey of course!) is frustrating. Dads are doing such a great job… It’s time to celebrate our dads!!”   

And celebrate dads is what The Good Enough Dad certainly does. Check out the trailer:

Throughout the 26-episode season Maggie chats good mate Gus Worland about the man who shaped the father he is today, former NRL star Ben Hannant about how he parents eight kids and the hilarious How to Dad NZ Instagram star Jordan Watson on how running from half-crazed sheep in the wilds of NZ helped him be the dad he is today. 

This podcast will have you laughing, nodding in agreement and groaning in understanding. It will leave you with a full heart, inspired by the insightful, loving and caring dads out there, wanting to high five yourself or hug your own dad for all the incredible things he’s doing in your life! 

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*Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2 September 2016