Helicopter vs Free Range: What Your Parenting Style Says About You

AUTHOR: Shevonne Hunt

Are you a parent who hovers over their child, waiting to catch them if they fall? Perhaps you’re at the opposite end of the spectrum, where you tell your kids not to come home until the lights come on.

However you choose to parent, someone somewhere has probably come up with a label. From the hovering helicopter to the free-for-all free range approach, these types of labels can feel like judgments, but psychologist Dr Rebecca Ray says they can be insightful. 

Rebecca says, “As we look at these particular styles of parenting, I think it can be really helpful for you to analyse why you’re doing what you’re doing with your child, and where it’s come from.”

In the latest episode of Feed Play Love Dr Rebecca Ray sits down with host Shevonne Hunt to pick apart what different parenting styles say about the way we’re raising our kids. 

Listen to the full episode here: 

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