Baby Reindeer: Body Language Expert Weighs In On Alleged Real-Life Stalker Fiona Harvey

It’s the show the world cannot stop talking about… the new Netflix series Baby Reindeer. Based on the true story of Richard Gadd and his stalker who he befriends in a pub that he works in.

His stalker is called ‘Martha’ in the show and even though Richard has asked the public not to speculate on who the characters in the show are based on, fans have quickly pointed the finger at a woman by the name of Fiona Harvey. Fiona recently appeared on Piers Morgan to discuss the show and body language expert David Stephens analysed her during the interview.

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Stav, Abby and Matt had David join them to discuss what he could translate from Fiona and the way she acted while speaking with Piers…

Take a listen below!

“In this particular case, there are a number of clues around some the key aspects of what she’s talking about especially the amount of emails she sent and they don’t add up…” David revealed.

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