Matt's song for Coldplay ticket blues

Got The Queue Blues? Matt’s Song For Those On Hold For Perth’s Coldplay Shows

It’s no secret that the phones are going to go into literal meltdown today as tickets open for the general public to both of Coldplay’s epic November shows at Optus Stadium.

So. Matt wrote a song to “make you mellow”, should you be one of the people stuck on hold.


Just heard the news,
Got word of concert two,
Guess I’ll get back in queue,
Just try to remain mellow.

‘Cause yesterday,
With credit card in hand,
Full of great concert plans,
I was left in limbo.

To see at Optus Stadium,
Would be so cool, would blow my cranium,
Logged in at 10 a.m. so I should be fine
I’m 30,000th in line.

Here in Perth,
You’ll hear music from the spheres,
The East coast shedding tears,
Sucked in Sydney and Melbourne.

McGowan says Coldplay means tourist time,
Heard that about the Matagarup Bridge zip line,
The best thing about this Coldplay feast,
Is how much it’s annoying them back east.

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