A screencap of McDonalds & Fifi Box in studio

MUST KNOW: The Maccas Hack That Will Save You Some Money

If you’re a fan of McDonalds and saving a few bucks, this article is for you! On Fifi, Fev & Nick it was revealed a cheap and simple Maccas hack that will have you saving a few dollars.

Maccas Hack Saving You Money HERE:

“I am a big tight-arse, but I have a life-changing hack for you and anyone with kids” caller Dan from Narre Warren begins

“When the kids ask for a McDonalds McFlurry- they’re about $5-6 each depending on what you’re after”

“If you order a 70c ice cream come, but get it put in a sundae lid which is no extra charge, and then add Oreo or M&Ms or Maltesers – whatever you want!”

That is GENIUS! We love a cheeky moneysaving hack.

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