Premier Mark McGowan in the Mix94.5 studio.

Mark McGowan: A “Hard No” To King’s Coronation Public Holiday

The Premier has responded to Matt Dyktynski’s song about a possible public holiday to celebrate the King’s forthcoming coronation with two simple words.

“Hard no”.


In case you missed it earlier this week, Matt Dyktynski wrote a song demanding we have a new public holiday embedded somewhere in the second half of the year.

The Premier, though, wasn’t having it.

Mr McGowan also discussed the current cost of living issues, the rental crisis and whether banning AirBnB type accommodation to free up rental space could work…

And yes, we gave the Premier a kebab.


Kymba: “We’ve always had a great relationship with you. We thought ‘you’re doing it tough, it’s hard to be the Premier. We miss State Daddy. We miss the people’s man, so we thought the best way to get you to fill those boots again and feel the most Mark you’ve felt, is to give you a kebab.”

The Premier: “Well, thank you!”

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