Chris Rock Rated Matt Okine’s Stand Up On National Radio

Comedian Matt Okine joined Jimmy & Nath in their latest episode of Born Funny, and revealed that he is still recovering from when Chris Rock rated his stand up on national radio!


“I find the idea of being funny something you’re supposed to be humble about” says Matt Okine.

Matt explains that in 2015, he got himself in some trouble with actor and comedian, Chris Rock.

Chris Rock asked Matt if he was funny, which Matt replied with “yes, I am really good.”

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Shockingly, Chris Rock didn’t like that answer responding with “you’re saying that to me?”

“My career is depending on it, I’ve got mouths to feed…Yeah I am funny, because food needs to be on the table tonight” says Matt.

“If Michael Jordan asks me if I am a good basketball player, and he said lets go me and you one on one …Do you think there is any embarrassment getting dunked on by Jordan?”

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