Bec and Soda pictured left in radio studio with Leah Cummings in red dress on right

Imperfect Match: Not Even The Bachelor Could Find Leah A Partner!

Bec & Soda are determined to find a match for Leah Cummings, the former Bachelor contestant who couldn’t find love on Australia’s biggest TV show!

Her imperfection: an overprotective father! Find out all about our latest Imperfect Match contestant, Leah!

Meet Leah Cummings:

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Bec & Soda learn that Leah’s father has apparently already been screening potential guests of the Imperfect Match party.

“He’s warned you against ‘Mason’, why?” Bec said.

“Oh Leah no, he’s got no affection…he doesn’t want kids!”

Find out more about Leah and her experience on The Bachelor:

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