Nikki Webster must be cleaning up... Right?

Nikki Webster Reveals Sad Earnings For Strawberry Kisses

Nikki Webster reveals the earnings with the return of her hit 2001 single Strawberry Kisses.

While you’d expect the child star to still make a bit of coin, you might want to think twice.


The songwriters are very happy with me at the moment.

Nikki Webster – Hughesy, Ed & Erin

Cast your minds back to 2001, when Nikki Webster took the world by storm with her hit single.

It was everywhere on its release and Nikki front and centre on Australian television screens for years to come.

She had a handful of hits, some extremely memorable public performances and a brief modelling career to cap it all off.

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Nothing ever fully captured the hearts of Australians quite like her smash hit though.

The song has made a re-emergence in 2023, with members of the Matildas World Cup squad labelling it as one of their playlist bangers.

Nikki Webster joined Hughesy, Ed & Erin to discuss the new-found fame and the song’s return.

The hot question was though, is she still making money from this second run around the sun?

Listen to the audio above and hear with Nikki had to say about the royalties for Strawberry Kisses.

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