Here’s The Moment Nick Won $100,000 By NAILING Carrie & Tommy’s Time Game

It’s the most nail biting game around and today, listener Nick managed to pick himself up $100,000 in Carrie and Tommys Time Game!

The aim of the game is to yell out stop when the timer hits EXACTLY 5 seconds and if you listen below, you won’t believe what happened when Nick told the guys to stop…

As for what Nick is going to do with the money, he told Carrie and Tommy that he and his fiancé want to have a viking wedding in Denmark, which is where his family originates from!

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The pair are also on a trip around the country with Nick telling the guys “we’ve got our ute and camper and just travelling around Australia, working our way around and doing our thing, it’s bloody beautiful!”

Congrats to Nick and we hope he enjoys spending that cold hard cash on his nuptials!

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