picture of someone hacking with Bastien Treptel

ARE YOU SAFE? Hacker Reveals What Happens When Your Info Is Sold On Dark Web

Former Black Hat Hacker Bastien Treptel explains to Bec & Soda how easy it is for your information to be stolen and sold on the Dark Web.

Considering there are more usernames and passwords on the DARK WEB than people on this planet…we’re definitely listening now…

Bastiel Treptel on Bec & Soda:

Bec and Soda both share their shock at how easy it is to be hacked.

“Anyone who has a job, they’re a juicy target.” Bastien said.

“There’s 24 billion usernames and passwords available on the dark web, that’s more people than there are on the planet.”

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Basiten’s fascination for understanding how things worked began when he was given a computer at 13.

Only a year later, he had taught himself how to break into a major bank to steal credit card numbers…which eventually equated to free pizza.

“Yeah I never used them for anything other than buying pizza,” Bastien said.

“It wasn’t a great day when the federal police came knocking!”

If you’d like to learn more about Bastien’s story and the ins and outs of cyber security, you can listen to What’s It Like To Be A Hacker With Bastien Treptel below.


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