The Science Behind Curing Incurable Diseases

Can a negative diagnosis be permanent, or is it healing that our body is asking for? Joining Sarah Grynberg for a second time is physician and author Dr. Jeff Rediger, who has spent over 15 years investigating spontaneous healing, and how humans can miraculously recover from incurable illnesses.

In this eye-opening conversation, Sarah and Jeffrey discuss what we can do to course-correct our minds and bodies; the commonalities found in spontaneous recovery; the power of our mind to cure disease; and the keys to having good health through nutrition.

If you are longing to discover what factors determine a healthy mind and body beyond the scope of traditional medical intervention, then let this progressive chat and Jeffrey’s introspective words not only open your eyes to how how our bodies and our brains are intertwined; but help you understand how our negative thoughts and emotions can often play a huge role in triggering mental and physical disease. That in fact, a negative diagnosis may not always be fatal: but the start of an individual’s transformative healing journey.