Struggling With Imposter Syndrome When You’re One Of The Biggest Heavyweights In Hollywood

How do we use our voices to affect positive change in the world?

Joining Sarah Grynberg is Sarah Harden, the CEO of Hello Sunshine – Reece Witherspoon’s media company behind Big Little Lies and The Morning Show – which was founded to amplify female voices and perspectives in entertainment.

In this thought-provoking discussion, Sarah Harden shares her insights on the power of storytelling, dealing with imposter syndrome, growing up in regional Australia to being one of Hollywood’s most powerful players, navigating the waves of grief after her mum’s death and the challenges of stepping into a male-dominated industry.

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If making real change matters to you, then let Sarah Harden’s passion to promote diversity remind you that you can stand up for what you believe in and make a positive impact on all those around you.

Listen to the chat now: