Candice Warner Opens Up About The Darkest Days Of Her Life: “I Couldn’t Take It Anymore”

Champion Ironwoman and media personality Candice Warner became a professional athlete at age 14.

Since then, she’s carved a unique media career and remains a prominent figure in sport as the key support and wife of Australian cricketer, David Warner.

Joining Turia Pitt for her Pep Talk podcast, Candice candidly reflected on the darkest period of her life; a time when she thought she “couldn’t take it anymore”.

I put a lot of pressure on myself. When I turned professional at 14, everyone just expects that you’re going to be… the best the sport’s ever seen.

I felt I lost a bit of my identity, that I wasn’t ‘Candice Falzon the Ironwoman’ anymore.

Candice Warner

While being optimistic in a time of uncertainty provided its own challenges, Candice rediscovered her passion for athletics, and learned how to turn her former occupation into her own form of therapy.

Listen here:

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What is Turia Pitt’s Pep Talk, you ask?

Pep Talk is a near-daily podcast (Monday to Friday) hosted by Australian media icon, Turia Pitt.

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