The Most Brutal Break Up In MAFS History, But Was It Fair…

Cam, the husband who has spend the last 3 months refusing to hug his wife was slammed back to reality as Lyndall brutally dumped him in last night’s final vows.

But B105’s Matty Acton had a bone to pick with the MAFS bride.

“You can’t have an argument and get your points across and then not let him have a say…” he said.

Hear her response below:

Last night’s episode saw the Perth local fire away at her ‘husband’ after he admitted at the previous dinner party that he wasn’t falling in love and couldn’t see himself moving interstate for her.

Admitting he didn’t miss Lyndall and that she wouldn’t fit into his outback carpenter lifestyle, Cam went into the ceremony thinking he was holding the upper hand.

Reality hit him faster than he got married when the bride didn’t let him start his final vows.

“I drove myself insane trying to figure out how to be the partner you wanted,” Lyndall said.

“I’ve realised there was never anything I could do to be the partner you wanted- because you simply don’t want one.”

“Before you start, just on that. I just feel like no matter what you say today, it’s only going to disappoint me again. 

“I think I’m just done.”

Cam proceeds to throw a ‘man-trum’ (a man-tantrum lol), throwing his vows (an A4 sheet of paper) at the feed of his now ex-wife and storming off into the distance.

Both Lyndall and Cam have posted cryptic Instagram captions since the airing last night.