The Dark Conspiracy Theory Surrounding Bluey’s Family

I think it’s safe to say we’ve ALL heard of Bluey; even if you don’t have kids, it’s almost un-Australian to not know who Bluey is.

In case you’re one of those people, Bluey is the famed Australian kids cartoon centred around a Bluey the dog and his family including his Mum Chilli and his Dad Bandit. 

Matt and his family are self-professed Bluey fans, which means Matt’s around all of the new episodes and most of the Bluey goss. 

Australia’s Newest Crime Family

According to Matt, a dark rumour surrounding Bluey has recently resurfaced and to be fair, it doesn’t sound all that farfetched. 

“A new story has resurfaced, and I do say resurface because it originally came out in around about 2021,” Matt said. 

“It’s reared its ugly head yet again, in which questions are asked about Bluey’s family.”

Now surely a rumour about a kid’s cartoon can’t be that wild… right? 

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Well, according to internet sleuths, Bluey’s parents might just be career criminals… so yeah, wild. 

“The first thing you do notice, especially if you’re from Brisbane, you know that the family lives in Paddington, right? Or thereabouts, possibly Red Hill,” Matt said. 

“Now they live in a very nice Queenslander and if you have an eye on the real estate at all, right, the market at all, you will know that their house has to have gone for somewhere around the 1.5 to $2 million mark in today’s price.

“Well, this is the conspiracy theory that is unfolding.”

Matt & Alex unpack the outrageous theory in this week’s chat along with turning into your parents and a catch up with award-winning comedian Gillian Cosgriff.

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