Shannon Noll on Australian Idol

Shannon Noll’s Unbelievable Connection with His Late Father: The Story Behind His Australian Idol Audition Song

In the world of Australian music, Shannon Noll is a name that needs no introduction. His soulful voice and passionate performances have touched the hearts of many. But what if we told you there’s a deeper, almost mystical story behind one of his most iconic songs—the one that kick-started his journey to stardom? Get ready for a tale that involves celebrity jungle life, psychic encounters, and an unforgettable connection with Shannon’s late father.

During a recent episode of the “Stories of Us” podcast with host Sarah Grynberg, Shannon Noll opened up about a profound experience that happened while he was a contestant on “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” in the South African jungle. In a surprising turn of events, he found himself in the presence of renowned medium John Edward, who specialises in connecting people with their loved ones who have passed away.

Amidst the hunger, exhaustion, and hope for some excitement in the jungle, Shannon had an unexpected encounter with John Edwards. While John addressed several participants, it was Shannon’s connection that left everyone in awe. John mentioned a song that had played a pivotal role in Shannon’s life and career— “Hold Me In Your Arms” by Southern Sons.

This song held a special place in Shannon’s heart, and he had originally intended to audition for “Australian Idol” with Michael Jackson’s “Ben” However, Shannon vividly recalled the moment when the song “Hold Me In Your Arms” had inexplicably popped into his head while driving. He hadn’t heard the song in years, but it felt like a sign. “I can vividly absolutely picture where exactly where I was when this song popped into my head,” Shannon reminisced during the podcast.

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Little did he know that John Edwards would later reveal that he was with Shannon in the car that day, and the song was a message from his late father. Shannon described the moment of realization:

“And John said, I was in the car with you that day with you and he said something about when I held you in my arms or something. And I sort of went, oh, that’s not what he’s talking about. That didn’t really happen, you know.”

It was a spine-tingling moment of realisation for Shannon. He decided to sing “Hold Me In Your Arms” during his audition, which ultimately became the song that got him noticed and earned him a spot on the show. The song’s Australian roots aligned perfectly with the show’s requirement for an Australian composition, making it a serendipitous choice.

Shannon Noll’s journey to fame is marked not only by his talent but also by the unexplainable connection he shared with his father, even after his passing.

“I think he probably was with me in the car that day, it popped into my head I reckon”

Shannon reflected. This heartwarming story serves as a reminder that sometimes, the most extraordinary moments in life are guided by forces beyond our understanding.

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