Rebel Wilson’s Trainer Calls Ozempic Users “LAZY”

Jono Castano is a high-profile personal trainer who says people should think twice before using the trending weight loss drug Ozempic.

Training the likes of Rebel Wilson and Rita Ora, the 31-year-old says Ozempic users trying to lose weight are “lazy” and “dangerous.”



“They obviously just don’t want to get into the gym and put in the yards,” he said.

“Just get yourself a personal trainer and they’ll put you through the ringer!”

The weekly injection is designed to be a treatment for diabetes and works by mimicking hormones that tell the body it is full.

The increased popularity of the drug has caused a worldwide shortage which is effecting for diabetics that need it.

“What I’ve found is as soon as people are getting off it, they’re putting the weight back on,” Jono said.

“If you’re in that (diabetic) category, go for it, but if you’re not in that category, I think we’re setting ourselves up for failure and giving false hope out there for.”

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