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MAFS Harrison Confesses His Actual Crush Is Abbie Chatfield

He’s the dude everyone is loving to hate on Married At First Sight Australia and now Harrison has set the record straight when it comes to a few things like when he and Bronte first hooked up, THAT girl on the outside and why there was no chemistry between the pair…

Most interestingly, when it comes to said girl on the outside and who he had a crush on, the girl he had a crush on was actually Abbie Chatfield BUT Harrison says it was some crafty editing that made it look totally different…

Have a listen to him try and explain it with Mike E and Emma on RNB Fridays Radio below!

On the topic of MAFS, there have been accusations flying around about Janelle and her fake social media audience, so we had a look into it!

Harrison also had a sneaky signal to us in ep 1 and we absolutely missed it, see if you caught it here.

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