The Top Podcast Episodes To Get You Through A Long Drive

It’s an Aussie tradition as old as Summer itself: the road trip!

If you’re heading ‘down the road’ and looking for something to listen to, listen up, because you can find it all on LiSTNR!

Here are our top podcast episodes for a long drive:

Hamish & Andy Episode 1

We have to ask… how long is your drive?! Whatever the case, it’s fun, hilarious and kind of jarring to go back to where Australia’s favourite podcast started.

Listen to the episode which kicked it all off:

Just The Gist – Colonel Tom Parker

While we’ve never stopped loving The King, Elvis has had a massive resurgence in 2022 following the release of, well… Elvis!

But did you know Mr Presley was ripped off by a certain confidante?

Find out what happened:

Turia Pitt – Lindt Café Siege Survivor: The Three Times I Thought I Would Die

Looking for something a bit more serious? Look no further!

Turia Pitt spoke with Louisa Hope, one of the survivors of Sydney’s Lindt Café siege, which saw an act of terror hit Australian soil.

Hear Louisa’s story:


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If you’re wondering if driving was perhaps an ill-advised decision, this is the perfect podcast special for you!

The whole episode follows Adam as he runs a half-marathon, which is a sure to get you to appreciate you’re in the car and not on your feet!

Listen here:

Matt & Alex – Drop Dat Coin World Championships

Wish you could play a game while driving and preventing a catastrophic incident? You’re in luck!

(We’ll say no more so you can get the full experience…!)

Play along with this:

KICPOD – Steph Claire Smith Reveals A Saucy 30-Day Challenge She’s Doing With Her Husband

Just a heads up, please don’t listen to this with little ears in the car!

This scandalous episode of KICPOD sees Steph partaking in a particularly NSFW challenge with her husband, Josh.

Find out what happened:

That’s Enough Already with Urzilla Carlson – Rob Beckett

Rob Beckett isn’t your every-day comedian; he’s an eccentric funny-man who’s sure to keep you engaged while assuring you get from A to B!

The only thing you’ll need to be careful of is not laughing too hard while behind the wheel!

Catch the chat: