“He Probably Wouldn’t Remember Me…” Jai Courtney on Die Hard co-star Bruce Willis

A Good Day To Die Hard‘ star Jai Courtney has shed light on his relationship with former co-star Bruce Willis after his frontotemporal dementia diagnosis.


Frontotemporal dementia (FTD) is a group of disorders caused by a buildup of tau and other brain cell destroying proteins in the brain’s frontal or temporal lobe impacting behaviours, emotions, communication, difficulty with work, or difficulty with walking.

When asked if Courtney had made contact with Willis, he said that it was an incredibly hard time and he hoped he could give him the space he deserved.

“No, I haven’t reached out to him,”

“He probably wouldn’t remember me!” He joked.

“I wish him the best, and obviously its a lot for his family to be going though.”

Currently making waves in Hollywood, the Aussie actor has starred in Divergent, I Frankenstein, Jack Reacher, Suicide Squad, The Terminal List and Kaleidoscope.

But his latest adventure is bringing him Down Under again.

Jai Courtney is hosting Channel 9’s brand new adventure program, The Summit, filmed in New Zealand.

He’ll lead a group of 14 strangers on a mission to reach the top of a distant mountain within 14 days and with the winner claiming $1million AUD,

Each stranger will be carrying an equal share of the prize money along the torturous journey.

“It’s going to ask these blokes to push themselves mentally, physically, emotionally,”

“I think when you get into those areas of exertion and exhaustion, and loyalties are tested, you really see what people are made of.”

Once the contestants reach the top of the summit, they’ll also have the chance to steal another players money.