Dicko Dishes Out His Only Fans Dirt

Eliminated I’m A Celebrity contestant Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson says he envies MAFS’ Domenica Calarco’s Only Fans career.

Unsure if he’d actually start his own profile, he told B105’s Stav, Abby and Matt that if he did, he’d “let people into a secret compartment only to give them a serve for singing out of tune.”

“It just gets on my tits, because I’m too old,” he said.

“I’ve lost 6kg, but I don’t think they want to see me with my norks out,” he said.


Dicko also dished the dirt to Stav, Abby and Matt on what transpired with problematic contestant and friend Kerri-Anne Kennerley.

“She turned up like she was on a safari.”

The ex-idol judge said he was surprised the TV host didn’t want to contribute for the campmates during her time in the jungle.

“I’ve known her for along time and would regard her as a friend, but I honestly got the feeling she didn’t know what the show was.”

“She said, I’m not doing this, I’m not doing that”

“It’s odd, because everyone’s got google, the first thing I did when I decided I was going to give it a crack was google all the worst trials to see what I’m in for.”

KAK was the first person eliminated after she chose to leave the jungle following a confrontation with MAFS bride Dom.