‘Democracy Manifest’ Bloke Has A Beer With The Cop Who Arrested Him 34 Years Ago

Perhaps the most famous Australian meme story of all-time has led to a happy re-union as the bloke from the ‘Democracy Manifest’ video, also known as ‘The Succulent Chinese Meal’ guy – real name Jack Karlson – has been shown having a beer with the policeman who arrested him in an Instagram Story by the Cop’s son.

Chris Reason was the journalist who covered the world-famous moment of the arrest back in 1991. Above he tells Triple M all about the story and it’s subsequent notoriety.

Jack Karlson has always maintained his innocence and says a case of mistaken identity was what saw him bundled into the back of the paddy wagon that day.

Across Australia, ever since, we all do our best Karlson impersonations in the pub, yelling “Gentlemen! This is democracy manifest!” and other classic lines like “What is the charge? Eating a meal!? A succulent Chinese Meal!?”

Now Reddit user u/SpadfaTurds has posted this image of the two men at the centre of the incident kicking back and enjoying a beer together just 34 years on (he admits he meant ’34’ rather than the ’24’ he says on this post:

The poster – or the men – did not reveal whether the former policeman was still waiting to receive his limp penis.

Have no idea what we’re talking about? Unlikely. But here’s the clip anyway as who needs an excuse to re-watch this epic moment of true Aussie culture? A symbol of this great nation that speaks to all people of the world, regardless of whether they know their judo well.

Tata and farewell.