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Chris Evans Reveals His First Date Dealbreakers

He’s handsome, talented, and genuinely a lovely guy… did we say handsome? and now Chris Evans is starring in a new rom-com opposite the equally lovely Ana de Armas about being ghosted on a first date but with a twist. Entertainment Reporter Justin Hill caught up with Chris and Ana to chat about the film PLUS get their first date do’s and don’ts and one of them involves Chris’ fave food – check it out below!

Chris Evans Reveals His First Date Dealbreakers

“That’s a ghost, if you’re not a dog person we really don’t have much to talk about,” says Chris when talking about his love for dogs… and we tend to agree!

Ghosted follows the story of Cole and Sadie who seemingly have an amazing first date, only for Sadie to ghost poor Cole… but then he finds out she’s a spy and their second date is nothing short of an adventure! Check out the trailer below…

Ghosted premieres globally on Apple TV+ on Friday, April 21.

Speaking of movies we love, did you hear that Shrek is getting not one but TWO sequels?! Find out who will star in them below…

Two More Shrek Movies Are On Their Way!

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