Brooke Blurton Shares Her Coming Out Story & The Impact Of Her Role As Bachelorette

Image: Network Ten

Australia fell in love with Brooke Blurton way back in 2018 when she appeared on Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins’ season of The Bachelor. 

Since then, we’ve gone on to see Brooke search for love twice more (and finally find it with Darvid!) on national television, as well as become a figure of inspiration for the Indigenous community, LGBTIQA+ community and vulnerable youth. 

Brooke made TV history this year when she became the world’s first openly bisexual and first Indigenous Bachelorette. If that sounds like a lot of pressure…it is! 

Now, Brooke has joined Sean Szeps on the Come Out Wherever You Are podcast to open up about carrying the expectations of the different communities she represents, balancing the pressure of television ratings versus starting important conversations, becoming an accidental advocate, and gaining confidence through owning her truth.

Take a listen: 

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