Abbie answers questions

Abbie Answers All Of Your Burning Questions – Except For ONE

Time and time again, Abbie’s personal life has been put on blast for all of us to see. First with former Bachie Matt Agnew, followed by Konrad from 2021’s season of the Bachelorette. 

While putting yourself out there into the big wide world of entertainment almost permanently opens the doors of your life to the rest of world, Abbie has just decided to shut it in our faces because apparently, she has a new boo and it’s NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. 

After Abbie posted “Ask Me Anything” on her Instagram story, she was absolutely bombarded with questions, one of them being “who are you dating at the moment?” and “would you ever consider being open again?”. 

In this episode of It’s A Lot, Abbie reveals that she is indeed dating someone but that she’ll be playing this one close to the chest. 

You will not know them, you will never know them unless we get engaged or move in together.

Abbie Chatfield

“I decided – we have discussed. I do not want anyone to know who they are. I don’t think anyone would like, figure them out.”

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While she wasn’t open to exposing her new lover’s identity, she DID accidentally drop a sneaky hint to producer Lem. 

Explaining why she doesn’t want to put her love-life back on blast, she said it has a lot to do with her break up with Konrad. 

“When Konrad and I were together, then when we broke up – because we broke up before he went on the challenge – and then I got all these DMS and like we had agreed that I wouldn’t say anything about us breaking up even though I wanted to,” Abbie said.

“He was on the challenge and you know, he got with Megan Marx and then I got these DM’s like “have you guys broken up?” and it’s like – then I had to explain why we were broken up and I was like, it isn’t that deep like, we were together for under a year.” 

Abbie answers a bunch of your burning questions including “would you ever consider being open again?” and “what’s your worst fear?”. 

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