Woman holding Halloween pumpkin and a knife

Why Not To Dress As A Serial Killer This Halloween

After the release of ‘Dahmer’ last year prompted many people to dress as the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer for Halloween, there have been increasing concerns about people glamourising murderers by dressing up as them, or their victims.

Real serial killers and crime figures might seem like an obvious choice for true crime fans when deciding on a scary Halloween costume, but there are ongoing discussions online about whether or not these costumes romanticise real-life violent crimes and lack sensitivity with regards to the real victims and their families.

Impact On Loved Ones

There has been backlash against ‘Dahmer’ from people whose relatives were murdered by Dahmer, as many of them are still grieving and found the show traumatising.

The same goes for Halloween costumes that sensationalise real serial killers, they disregard those who are still impacted by their crimes.

So if you’ve been tempted to buy a fake chainsaw and skin mask and call yourself Ed Gein, or 80s square frame glasses and rain jacket for a Dahmer look – maybe reconsider and dress as a fictional villain instead.