Chopper Read and a photo of Pentridge Prison

The Real Chopper Read: His First Manager Separates The Man From The Myth

Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read is a name synonymous with crime and violence in Australia.

He confessed to a number of horrific crimes and wrote a bestselling book, Chopper: From The Inside, but how much of it was true?

In this two-part episode of Crime Insiders: In Focus, hear from the managers who handled Chopper, whose job it was to turn these stories into money.

In Part 1, his first manager Andrew Roper explains the beginning of Chopper’s rise to fame.

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Listen now:

After nearly destroying his life with drugs, Chopper Read finds a new manager, Andrew Parisi, and plots a course for his revival including books, documentaries and a TV deal for a tell-all interview weeks before his death. Listen to Part 2:

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