Shane Warne’s Lasting Impression On Domestic Abuse Survivor Kellie Carter-Bell 

Domestic abuse survivor Kellie Carter-Bell has revealed how a friendship with Shane Warne helped her through her darkest of days. Carter-Bell grew up in Melbourne’s underworld and suffered years of harrowing abuse until she broke the cycle, becoming an advocate for domestic violence victims.

Speaking with Real Crime reporter Adam Shand, Carter-Bell said a chance meeting with Warne in a café 17-years ago helped change the trajectory of her life.

“I can honestly say I 100% know for a fact that if Shane hadn’t come into my life at the time I honestly would have went into another abusive relationship,” Carter-Bell told Adam Shand.

“Shane taught me to love myself again, Shane taught me that I was a beautiful person inside and out and I didn’t deserve to be treated like that.”

“We became friends, swapped numbers and kept in touch. Without him coming into my life my 5 children and 5 grandchildren wouldn’t have the mother that they have today”.

To pay tribute to Warne, Carter-Bell commissioned a large tattoo of the King Of Spin on her right thigh.

Find out more about Kellie’s incredible story, listen to Adam Shand’s Real Crime Features podcast.