Grant Stevens joins Bec and Soda to talk Crystal Brook incident

“That Ambulance Officer Saved His Life” Police Commissioner Shares Update On Officers Injured At Crystal Brook Incident

The two South Australian police officers who were stabbed at the ‘high risk incident’ in Crystal Brook are improving in the RAH.

Police Commissioner Grant Stevens reveals to Bec & Soda that despite the excellent care, Brevet Sergeant Ian Todd is not out of the woods yet.


Attending this incident was Brevet Sergeant Jordan Allely and Ian Todd who shot and killed the man who allegedly violently attacked them.

Expressing his concern, Police Commissioner Stevens said all officers know this is a possibility.

“These are the stark reminders that people who wear the uniform are very courageous,” he said.

LOCAL NEWS: Neighbour Praised For Helping Save Lives Of Two Police Officers Stabbed At Crystal Brook

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