Ex-Cop Relives RSL Dust Up Between Bra Boys And Off-Duty Police

When off-duty police ran into Bra Boys gang members at a local RSL club in 2002, “All hell broke loose,” said former detective Dave Owens.

Tensions between NSW Police and the Sydney surf gang stemmed from a growing number of crimes and violent confrontations.

“They didn’t want a bar of us and we didn’t want a bar of them,” said Former NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Dave Owens.

Owens recounts the RSL clash on Crime Insiders:

It was Dave Owens’ first day as the local area Police commander in Maroubra, the known territory of the Bra Boys.

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Waverley Police held a function at the Randwick RSL Club, where Bra Boys simultaneously attended a 21st birthday party.

At the end of the night, both parties poured onto the street at the same time.

“The doors opened and all hell broke loose. In a Melee,” Owens said.

Owens explains how police have navigated their relationship with the Bra Boys in the latest episode of Crime Inisders: Detectives. Subscribe to Crime Insiders: