Tan France On His Queer Eye Castmates And How He Landed The Role

What has the launch of Queer Eye got to do with Donald Trump winning the election? Tan France joins Urzila Carlson on her show, That’s Enough Already, this week. Tan gives us some insight into why Queer Eye was rebooted by Netflix.

Trump was elected, Netflix saw that there was this major discourse between Republicans and the Democrats… and so they said ‘who else to bridge the gap and show that we’re not as divided as we think we are than the gays?

In this episode Tan France reveals what it is like to be involved in emotionally charged shoots, particularly as the famously ‘stone hearted’ member of the team and shares with me which episode was one the hardest for him to shoot.

“They don’t show me crying on the show, they really like to play into this narrative that I’m the heartless ‘heart of stone’ guy and it is what it is, we all have our roles to play.”

Urzila and Tan have some fun too, unloading on automatic drivers as well as some of the appalling behaviour from fellow travellers in the airport lounge and on planes that we all have to look forward to as the world reopens to the “joys” of air travel.  

Listen to the launch of season three of That’s Enough Already with Tan France below: