Sooshi Mango in studio

Sooshi Mango Just Dropped Major News On Their Next Project

OnJoe, Carlos and Andrew from comedy group Sooshi Mango joined Fifi, Fev & Nick to reveal their next major project, and this one is HUGE.

Hear Sooshi Mango leak their new project HERE:

“You’ve got a song out… what’s next?”

“What’s next? We’re writing a book, ‘The Day The Pizza Cried'” Joe Salanitri jokes.

“Well, should we– we got an exclusive!”

“We’re in the process of writing a movie right now, we’re also scripting some stuff for a streamer” Andrew Manfre reveals

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“Oh yeah, we got signed! Paramount+” Joe continues

“Well, we haven’t signed officially yet but it’s almost done” Carlos Salanitri confirms.

A new movie from Sooshi Mango?! WE CANNOT WAIT!

The news doesn’t stop there! Could Sooshi Mango be coming to the Hit Network?

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