Oops! Did Urzila Accidentally Break This Week’s Guest?

As the saying goes: new week, new That’s Enough Already!

In the latest episode of Urzila Carlson’s podcast, she’s joined by comedian / writer / absolute legend Nicolette Minster.

Now, if you haven’t been acquainted with Nicolette, you’re in luck; her oddly specific website bio lists all the things you need to know.

She’s written shows for most of Australia’s favourite channels, co-written the psychological thriller film The Girl At The Window and went to university down the road from a pub where a Harry Potter extra was stabbed.

Bing, bang, boom, it’s like you’re lifelong acquaintances!

Together, the pair dive into the weird vortex that is their local Facebook Community page, the joys (and displeasures) of writing, and most importantly of all, what sh*ts Nicolette.

From the mouth of Urzila: If you see Nicolette sitting on the floor… just leave her there… don’t ask questions.

Well then.

Enjoy the latest episode here:

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What is That’s Enough Already with Urzila Carlson?

We all have things that, as they so beautifully put it in Australia, “shit us to death.”

Well, what’s your thing?

From Covid-deniers to people who don’t give way in traffic, this is a show about the morons who make the world a worse place, and Urzila and her guests are prepared to name and shame them all.

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