Nick Cody

Nick Cody Opens Up About Wanting More Kids After Experiencing A Tragic Loss 

Comedian and host of The Fox breakfast show Nick Cody has opened up about the importance of family, grief and why he quit drinking for a year on the latest episode of Everyone Relax’s Wilosophy podcast. 

Sitting down with Wil Anderson, Nick revealed his hopes to have more children, sharing “my wife and I want to have a third kid and I joke about her wanting it more, but I want to do it too. It sounds insane. Everyone with two or three kids is like, what are you doing?” 

“We lost a, you know, an immediate family member a year or so ago in tragic circumstances, really rough,” he continued. “And at the funeral, you just realise all, all you’ve got are, you know, the people you’ve been nice to and the people you’ve helped out and the family and everything. 

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Nick also discussed his decision to take a year of alcohol, his career, and fatherhood. Take a listen below: 

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