How Wil Anderson Paved The Way For Podcasting

Cast your mind back to 2010.

You’re likely thinking of the first iPad, the release of Toy Story 3, the formation of One Direction, Julia Gillard being elected as Prime Minister, or the launch of Instagram.

What you’re probably not thinking of, however, are podcasts.

2010 was the year comedian Wil Anderson and actor Charlie Clausen united to create one of Australia’s first-ever podcasts, TOFOP.

Over the last 13 years, Wil and Charlie have released weekly episodes of the fan-favourite series, which sees two mates having a solid and honest yarn about pop culture, bizarre viral content, movies, music and their lives, both on and off our screens.

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Outside of TOFOP, Charlie and Wil take turns hosting FOFOP (the same show, just with a guest and one host), the AFL-adjacent 2 Guys 1 Cup, and Wil’s intimate (and exceedingly enlightening) interview series, Wilosophy.

Whether you’re looking for a laugh, a casual chat, footy banter or a conversation with some of Australia’s most beloved public figures, Wil and Charlie have got you sorted.

Listen to the latest TOFOP:

Listen to the latest FOFOP:

Listen to the latest 2 Guys 1 Cup:

Listen to the latest Wilosophy: