Michelle Brasier

Comedian Michelle Brasier once set herself on fire. Yes. Really.

In the unpredictable and often surprising world of comedy, Michelle Brasier‘s story of an accidental self-immolation stands out as both horrifying and bizarrely hilarious. The Melbourne-based comedian, known for her work with Aunty Donna and the comedy duo Double Denim, shared this startling anecdote on the “Stories of Us” podcast, hosted by Sarah Grynberg.

A Fiery Mishap in Melbourne

The incident, which sounds like a sketch from a dark comedy show, occurred not in her hometown of Wagga Wagga, but in Melbourne. Michelle recounted the story of how her father, a fan of auctions in Wagga (“where you used to put your bullshit before Facebook Marketplace”), gifted her a bar heater for the cold Melbourne winters. Despite her reservations about the second-hand, somewhat rusty heater, it was a gift of love.

Hear The Story:

The ordeal resulted in third-degree burns and a lengthy recovery process, including skin grafts and learning to walk again at the young age of 18. Yet, despite the severity of the incident, Brasier’s ability to inject humour into the retelling is both astonishing and endearing.

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Finding Humour in Tragedy

The conversation with Grynberg not only highlighted Michelle’s comedic talents but also her strength in dealing with adversity. Her experience, while deeply challenging, has undoubtedly contributed to the depth and authenticity of her comedy.

Be sure to catch the full story and more of Michelle Brasier’s humorous insights on the latest episode of “Stories of Us.” It’s a compelling blend of laughter, life lessons, and the undeniable spirit of one of Australia’s most unique comedians.

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