BRING DAD TO WORK DAY: Broden Kelly’s Dad Crashes The Aunty Donna Podcast

For many, Father’s Day can bring forward a lot of mixed emotions.

Some may find it fun, while others could find it sad.

Some might see it through rose-tinted glasses, while others may find it pointless.

There’s a good chance Broden Kelly is feeling all the emotions right now, after doing a special episode of The Aunty Donna Podcast with his dad, Wayne.

As Zach alludes to at the top of the episode, Wayne isn’t a professional comedian doing a bit; he is a real, living, breathing father of at least two boys.

While having Wayne on the pod is a treat in itself, Aunty Donna didn’t want him to feel alone in being the only host to have had children.

Rather than rushing out and contributing to the population crisis, Aunty Donna opted to pretend they’re a group of funny mums and dads, conversing with Wayne on his own level.

It’s safe to say, the wheels came off relatively quickly…

Listen here:

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