Aunty Donna Boldly Go Where No Comedy Group Has Gone Before

It’s time for a global exclusive: the first ever moving boat podcast!*

Boats have been moving since time immemorial, but ne’er has there been a podcast on one… until now.

In an event that’s sure to make waves, Aunty Donna have put their days of docking behind them and taken to the high seas**.

For the entirety of June, the boys will be strengthening their third legs (at least that’s what we think ‘sea legs’ are) and flexing their blowholes, inching closer and closer to their true dolphin-like potential.

Where will they go?

How many school children will they yell at from the safety of their boat?

Will a rogue duck spell ‘catastrophe’?

How is the rogue duck so good at spelling bees?

Listen to find out:

*This may be a lie, but we’re running with it.

**The Yarra River, with thanks to the On A Boat team – you, too, can skipper a boat by visiting

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About Aunty Donna: 

Aunty Donna is a wildly popular Australian comedy trio consisting of Mark Bonanno, Broden Kelly, and Zachary Ruane.

Known for their absurd humour and offbeat sketches, Aunty Donna has amassed a devoted fan base across the globe.

Their YouTube videos, live shows, and previous podcast episodes have been seen and heard by millions of eyes and ears across the globe, to rave reviews.

Together, the group aims to spread joy and laughter, proving that sometimes the silliest things in life are the most meaningful. 

(Yes, this ‘about’ section was written by AI, and no, we don’t feel bad about it.)